Junior trial 1 results

WP Surfing Junior Trial 1


U12 Boys

Ryan Matthew Schoon

Levi Kolnik

Luc Fischer

Fletcher Lowe


U12 Girls

Sage Asha Martinson


U14 Boys

Connor Slijpen

Asha Steytler

Simon Winter

Leo Letschert


U14 Girls

Sarah Scott

Olivia Winter

Scarlette van Jaarsveldt


U16 Boys

Luke Van Wyk

Brad Scott

Travis Pearce

Luca Novak


U16 Girls

Ceara Knight

Leila Steytler

Caroline Brown

Katie Winter


U18 Boys

Max Elkington

Luke Slijpen

Eli Beukes

Manoa Robb


U18 Girls

Summer Sutton

Maya Shefer-boswell

Emily Winter

Amber Sneddon

2019 Grom Team

Congratulations to those surfers that have been selected to represent WP Surfing / Cape Town Surfriders for the 2019 Grommet Games that will be held in Port Elizabeth 21 – 24 March.

The selection has been based on trial results (best 2) and taking into account the criteria of transformation within our sport as set out by SSA and Sport and Recreation South Africa.

The team selection is as follows:


Age Group Name
U8 B / G Lorenzo Jacobs
U10 B / G Ben Esterhuyse
U10 B / G Finn Murphy
U12 B Ryan Schoon
U12 B Ben Euston-Brown
U12 B Joshua Gordon
U12 G Sage Martinson
U12 G Sophie Leinberger
U14 B Simon Winter
U14 B Zaan Morris
U14 B Alfonso van Zyl
U14 G Luanne Hurst
U14 G Ashley August
U16B Leo Chames
U16B Regan Chitter
U16G Charne Harris
U16G Aqeelah Lakay


At this stage we would like to get confirmation from all the selected surfers as to their availability for the Grommet Games. Please could this be done ASAP by reply to wpsurfing@gmail.com

The team manager is Shuan Solomons: 0713644259 shuansolomons@projects-abroad.org

Assisting with logistics is Matthew Winter: 0785330126 mattinkom@gmail.com

Please include wpsurfing@gmail.com in correspondence to assist with questions/answers.

Once we have a confirmed team (replied by you as confirmed) we will have a team meeting for an information/questions session. This will most likely coincide with our first team practice session.

We appreciate that time between selection and the actual contest is (and always has been) short and we ask for your understanding as we prepare for this event. We will divulge all information as necessary but please feel free to contact us as necessary. At our team meeting we will go over the options for transport, accommodation, food, team kit and costings. This meeting needs to happen before end of next week and we will broadcast this ASAP.


Once again, congratulations and PLEASE reply ASAP with your confirmation of selection acceptance.

Master/Open Trial dates TBA