Selection Criteria

General: All Teams

Unless otherwise stated, the general rule will be that all Team selections will be based on results from three trials and points counting towards selection will be based on the best two results out of those three trials to create a ranking order.

Selection Procedure for Grommets

To view a copy of the latest procedure click here: 2015 City of Cape Town Grom Selection Process

Selection Procedure for all Teams other than Grommets

Selection Objective:

To select the best possible team on a fair and reasonable basis to represent WP.

In principle the team will be selected with preference to those who surf in the trials in an effort to promote and sustain interest in surfers surfing trials. However, in keeping with the above Selection Objective, the Team MAY include Wildcards.

Please see the following table which gives the number of Wildcards who may be included depending on the Division size.

Results based selections:

Maximum of 25% of a team (excluding vacancies) may be wildcards (example: if there are 4 vacancies in a team of 20, the 25% wildcard limit will be based on 20-4 =16. This would allow selectors discretion to fill the 4 vacancies and select a maximum of a further 4 wildcards in terms of the 25% rule. Committee may select a maximum of 1 discretionary wildcard (excluding filling vacancies).


A surfer may apply in advance to be considered for selection for a Wildcard place in the Team in the following circumstances:

1. Where a surfer cannot surf a trial(s) because they are competing out of area, writing exams, have a valid personal commitment

2. Where a surfer is injured.

The committee reserves the right to consider the following surfers for a Wildcard place without their having made an advanced application:

3. Surfers who are competing on the WQS and/or hold National U20/Open/Masters titles if they are available to surf at the Championships.

4. Transformation Surfers who have surfed two or more trials, but are not in the top 5 guaranteed places



1. Surfers who fit into the above categories 1 to 4 are NOT guaranteed a place in the Team, it simply means they can be considered for a Wildcard by the Committee at selection time.

2. There will be a special Selection Sub Committee formed at Selection time comprising of people with the necessary knowledge and experience to make the sometime difficult selection decisions with respect to Wildcards.



Wildcard: A surfer who does not qualify for the Team through the Trial process. Only surfers who fit into categories 1- 4 will be considered for Wildcards

Priority Reserve: Any surfer who scores sufficient points to be in the team but is replaced by a transformation wildcard will be priority reserve in that division in the event of a withdrawal, unless that transformation surfer is replaced by another transformation wildcard surfer.

Performance period: The 18 months prior to the finalisation of the team.

Head to head: Where two surfers have competed against each other in the same heat.

Vacancy: Where insufficient surfers surf in the trials to complete a division in a team there is a vacant position.

Substitutions: Where a team member selected withdraws for any reason and is substituted by the selectors.

Transformation selections: The number of transformation surfers will be considered in accordance with the requirements of SSA. The WPS Selection Committee may select a maximum number of transformation wildcards to any Team of the SSA minimum requirement less one for that team.

Criteria for U17 Surfers to surf the Trials for the U20 Team

Any Junior with National Surfing colours may do the trials If a surfer does not have National Colours, the surfer must have represented WP at the most recent SA Championships in the U17 Division.

Please note all U17 Surfers must do the trials. They can not be considered for Wildcards under any circumstances.


Selection Procedure for Vic Bay Quad in memory of John Pfaff

Team Sizes

6 x Open – at least two must be under 20 (may not turn 21 in 2018)
4 x Over 30 (must turn at least 31 in 2018) – at least one must be over 35 ( must turn 36 in 2018)
4 x Over 40 (must turn 41 in 2018) – at least one must be over 45 (must turn 46 in 2018)
2 x Over 50 (must turn 51 in 2018)
2 x Women (any age)
Team Judge ( mandatory)

Selection based on SA Champs Results:


– Open: we select the top 2 finishers (selected trialists) in U20 at/for SA Champs and top 4 finishers/(selected trialists)/ in open
– Over 30: must have at least 1 over 35. We select the top 2 finishers in 30-35 and top 2 in 35-40
– Over 40: must have at least 1 over 45. We select the top 3 in 40-45 and top 45-50
– Over 50: we select the best performer from SA’s in each age group

There may be an overlap in that a top 4 Open surfer may be over 30 and may also have surfed Masters. We give that surfer the option of choosing his division and then we fill it with the 5th Open surfer if he elects to surf as a 30+. If he elects to surf as Open, the committee select as a wild card.

We take the top performing Open surfer at SA’s. If that surfer is over 30, we take the second open surfer as well. If none of the open surfers at SA’s are over 30, we take the top Open surfer and the Masters surfer from the SA Masters. Essentially the level of surfing in the Open Team should be better than the Masters Team, otherwise one would expect the Masters Team member to also be in the Open Team.

If any surfer does not make themselves available, the next highest finisher in the division is selected. Where there is no qualifying surfer, the committee may select at their discretion.


Age divisions
U8 Surfer must not turn 9 in the year.
U9 Surfer must not turn 10 in the year
U10 Surfer must not turn 11 in the year
U11 Surfer must not turn 12 in the year
U12 Surfer must not turn 13 in the year
U13 Surfer must not turn 14 in the year
U14 Surfer must not turn 15 in the year
U15 Surfer must not turn 16 in the year
U16 Surfer must not turn 17 in the year
U18 Surfer must not turn 19 in the year.