WP Juniors in SSA Squad

We are proud of the following WP Junior surfers who were selected (based on their 2018 SAST or JQS and SA Junior Champs results) to be part of the SSA Junior Surfing squad that

  1. Surfed in a friendly international contest against a touring French Junior squad in February (Durban – Dairy/New Pier) and,
  2. Surfed in the trials (PE – Pipe) to select the SA Junior Surfing Team.

WP Junior surfers made up 36% (12 out of 33) of the selected squad members – an incredible head count for our district.


Max Elkington   (declined)

Eli Beukes

Luke Slijpen

Manoa Robb (replacement)


Leila Steytler

Caroline Brown

Summer Sutton


Brad Scott

Luke van Wyk


Ceara Knight

Olivia Winter

Sarah Scott

Katie Winter

  1. The top performer in the SA Junior squad at the international friendly against France was Brad Scott who finished second in the U16B. WP Surfing’s other achiever was finalist Ceara Knight who claimed 4th in the U16G.

The U18B did not participate in the international friendly as France did not tour with any U18B’s.

  1. The trials for the SA Junior Team held this past weekend was a round robin format with surfers surfing 4 heats and their best three counting for their points tally.  There were quite a few ties (T) and the 4th heat (throw away) was considered for the placing in these instances:


Luke Slijpen (T 2nd) – 2nd

Eli Beukes (T 2nd) – 3rd

Manoa Robb – 8th


Caroline Brown – 2nd

Summer Sutton – 3rd

Leila Steytler – 5th


Brad Scott (T 1st) – 3rd

Luke van Wyk – 5th


Ceara Knight (T 1st) – 2nd

Sarah Scott – 5th

Katie Winter – 7th

Olivia Winter – 9th

SSA will only announce the selected team once the ISA (International Surfing Association) has confirmed a date and venue for the 2019 ISA World Junior Championships. Accordingly, national colours can only be presented to the selected team members after selection. 

Well done to all the surfers who competed and together we await the team announcement.