WP Junior trial results 2018

Thank you to all the surfers who participated in the 2018 Junior trials for the team selection for SA Champs in October. Congratulations to the surfers who have been selected.

For those of you that did not make the team this year, and especially to those that narrowly missed out, believe in your ability and appreciate that as a junior your progression in surfing will only improve and by participating you have gained valuable experience in the competitive arena. We are encouraged with the level of surfing across the board but would like to see more girls participating in the trials across all the age groups.

The Team:


U12 Boys                                                             U12 Girls            

Levi Kolnik                                                           Sarah Scott

Christian Myburgh                                          


U14 Boys                                                             U14 Girls

Brad Scott                                                           Scarlette van Jaarsveldt

Connor Slijpen                                                   Olivia Winter

Leo Faclier                                          

Luke van Wyk                                   


U16 Boys                                                             U16 Girls

York van Jaarsveldt                                          Caroline Brown

Manoa Robb                                                      Katie Winter

Daniel Toerien                                                   Summer Sutton

Luca Novak


U18 Boys                                                             U18 Girls

Eli Beukes                                                            Emily Winter

Luke Slijpen                                                        Maya Shefer-Boswell

Max Elkington                                                    Anna Jelema Butler

Ntando Nqadala


We would also like to thank our new sponsors Reef South Africa and Auric Consulting for supporting WP Surfing.


2018 WP Junior Team- Official letter