2018 Grom Trial 2 Results

2018 Grom Trial #2

Thanks to everyone who made it down to Muizenberg on Saturday for our 2nd Grom Trial for 2018.

We had fairly good Muizenberg surfing conditions with many enthusiastic competitors.

The last grom trial will be held this Saturday – 17 February 2018. We encourage all existing participants to surf. Good Luck!

We are wanting to make an early start to the day and will try kick off with the U16 Boys first heat at 08h15 sharp – so please be on time.

The results of the 2nd trial are below:


U8 Boy or Girl:                   Ben Esterhuyse (1)

U10 Boy or Girl:                 Kieran Murphy (1)

                                                Liam Bester (2)

                                                Franki Dace (3)

U12 Girls:                            Lila Upton (1)

U12 Boys:                            Levi Kolnik (1)

                                                Simon Winter (2)

                                               Asha Steytler (3)

                                               Max Venter (4)

U14 Girls:                            Paige Thomas (1)

Cassi Skippers (2)

U14 Boys:                          Rourke Nordgaard  (1)

                                                Tanner Adshade (2)

                                                Wesley Adams (3)

                                               Gavrill Rank (4)

U16 Girls:                            Jess Vanschaik (1)

                                               Naomi Peterson (2)

                                               Sophia Lamb (3)

U16 Boys:                            Daniel Toerien (1)

                                                Luca Novak (2)

                                                Lonwabo Mndai (3)

                                                Ethan Macgregor (4)