Please enter on https://www.liveheats.com/wpsurfing

Bank details:

First National Bank –  Fish Hoek Branch – Branch code: 202309 – Account number: 50210861429

Ref – Surname WP Champs

Please email the proof of payment to wpsurfing@gmail.com

Conditions of Entry:

WP Surfing Champs is open to all paid up members of WP Surfing (Cape Town Surfriders). This is a Club (SSA Surf District – CTS) contest and as such is open to Club/District members only. For those CTS district surfers that have not participated in events this year and essentially are not paid up members for the 2019 year, we would like to encourage you to enter, but you will need to fill out the membership form (2020 membership form) and either pay a special discounted rate of R50 for the remainder of the 2019 membership year or, pay the full membership fee (R200) for the 2020 calendar year. Please note that per SSA rules, surfers who are members of other districts i.e. Cape Winelands, are not permitted to enter WP Surfing Champs. Please also note that this membership fee excludes the WP Champs entry fee of R250 (+R100 for second division entry) which would still need to be paid for entry to this event. Surfers that wish to enter more than one division are only permitted to enter their respective age division and a second division as follows:

  1. Surfers in the U12 division who surfed WP Trials may enter U14 as a second division.
  2. Surfers in the U14 division who surfed WP Trials may enter U16 as a second division.
  3. Surfers in the U16 division who surfed WP Trials may enter U18 as a second division. U16 Surfers who made the WP Junior team can choose to surf in Open as a second division.
  4. Surfers in the U18 division who surfed WP Trials may surf in the Open as a second division.
  5. All qualifying surfers may surf in a maximum of 2 divisions.
  6. If a surfer enters only one division it must be their age division.
  7. Age divisions above Open may surf their age division and the Open division.

A minimum of three paid up entrants are required to surf a division. Should there be less than three entrants, those entrants will be consolidated with the division immediately above in the case of divisions below the Open division, and immediately below in divisions above the Open division.

Entries close on the 25 November. Late entries will be accommodated on a first apply, first accepted basis, provided that the entry does not result in additional heats being created and that the person pays all relevant entry fees on acceptance.  WP Surfing reserves the right to make changes to entry procedures as it sees fit.

The WP Surfing Champs will be run over the two day period 30 Nov & 1 Dec (Sat & Sun) at Long Beach, Kommetjie. 

The decisions of the committee will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Further queries can be directed to Nenette 079 758 6933

Junior Team 2019

U12 Boys                                                                                            U12 Girls            

Ryan Schoon (1)                                                                             Yannah Figl (1)

Levi Kolnik (2)                                   


U14 Boys                                                                                              U14 Girls

Connor Slijpen (1)                                                                            Sarah Scott (1)

Leo Letschert (2)                                                                               Scarlette van Jaarsveldt (2)

Asha Steytler (3)                                                              

Simon Winter (4)                                                             


U16 Boys                                                                                                  U16 Girls

Brad Scott (1)                                                                                         Ceara Knight (1)

Luke van Wyk (2)                                                                                  Katie Winter (2)

Luca Novak (3)                                                                                        Leila Steytler (3)

Travis Pearce (4)


U18 Boys                                                                                                       U18 Girls

Max Elkington (1) Subbed by Manoa Robb                               Summer Sutton (1)

Luke Slijpen (2)                                                                                           Maya Shefer-Boswell (2)

Eli Beukes (3)                                                                                                Emily Winter (3)

York van Jaarsveldt (4)

WP Junior Surfing Trials 2019

Trial 2 18/19 May coming soon – please enter?


WP surfing has a good history at the Junior SA Champs and currently we have back to back victories (2017 & 2018) and our aim is to once again retain the title for 2019.

The selection process will be based on the results of three trials (top 2 results) which will be held 9 March, 18-19 May and 20-21 July. Where we have selected 2 days over a weekend for a trial, our aim is to try select the preferable day taking into account the conditions. The trials are only open to members of WP Surfing so please fill out the membership form and make payment before entering the trials.

Information to surfers leading up to the trials will primarily be distributed via Whatsapp (group info will be based on entries received) and secondarily on our other social media sites. If you don’t sign up as a member we don’t have your details!

Bank details :

First National Bank, Fish Hoek Branch – Branch code: 202309 – Account number: 50210861429

(Please use your name as the reference when depositing money into the account.)

Please email the proof of payment to wpsurfing@gmail.com

The liveheats platform will be used for the three trials.

Once you have signed up as a member please enter yourself on the Liveheats.com website  https://liveheats.com/events/1357 

Surfers can only enter themselves in one division. Cost of entry is R500 for the 3 trials. Please pay promptly.

The team selection criteria is as follows:

WP SURFING Junior Trials 2019

Team Selection Criteria


The team composition to represent WP Surfing (Cape Town Surfriders) at the SSA SA Champs at Lower Point, Jeffreys Bay in September is as follows:

1 x U12 Girl

2 x U12 Boys

2 x U14 Girls

4 x U14 Boys

3 x U16 Girls

4 x U16 Boys

3 x U18 Girls

4 x U18 Boys


WP Surfing (Cape Town Surfriders) use the SAST 3A Ratings point system to select the team members. This point system can be viewed on SSA’s website under Appendix H.

1st                 1000

2nd                860

3rd                 730

4th                 670

5th                 610       

6th                 583        

7th                 555

8th                 528

9th                 500

10th         488

…….. continues

With 3 trials being held, a surfers best 2 trial scores will be totalled to form their score.

WP Surfing reserves the right to select a transformation surfer(s) in the lowest scoring team positions.


Any questions for further clarity can be directed to: wpsufing@gmail.com













WP OPEN and Masters Trial 1 Sunday 7 April is a GO!

  • Venue to be announced Saturday evening 6 April: somewhere between Milnerton and Melkbos.
  • Updates to follow on this Website /  Facebook / Whatsapp
  • .Contact David Mommsen 084 477 2640 for event info /  late entry queries
  • Entries close Saturday 6 April 12PM
  • Ensure you are a Paid member of WP Surfing and have paid your trial fees



Sea Harvest Grommet Games 2019

Cape Town Surf riders WON!

Tag Team: Cape Town Surf riders

U10 B:  Ben Esterhuyser – 3rd

U12 G:  Sage Martinson – 2nd        Sophie Leinberger – 3rd

U12 B:    Ryan Schoon – 1st

U14 G:    Luanne Hurst – 1st        Ashley August – 2nd

U14 B:    Simon Winter – 3rd         Nathan Walters – 4th

U16 G:    Aqeelah Lakay – 4th

U16 B:     Leo Chames – 2nd


WP Juniors in SSA Squad

We are proud of the following WP Junior surfers who were selected (based on their 2018 SAST or JQS and SA Junior Champs results) to be part of the SSA Junior Surfing squad that

  1. Surfed in a friendly international contest against a touring French Junior squad in February (Durban – Dairy/New Pier) and,
  2. Surfed in the trials (PE – Pipe) to select the SA Junior Surfing Team.

WP Junior surfers made up 36% (12 out of 33) of the selected squad members – an incredible head count for our district.


Max Elkington   (declined)

Eli Beukes

Luke Slijpen

Manoa Robb (replacement)


Leila Steytler

Caroline Brown

Summer Sutton


Brad Scott

Luke van Wyk


Ceara Knight

Olivia Winter

Sarah Scott

Katie Winter

  1. The top performer in the SA Junior squad at the international friendly against France was Brad Scott who finished second in the U16B. WP Surfing’s other achiever was finalist Ceara Knight who claimed 4th in the U16G.

The U18B did not participate in the international friendly as France did not tour with any U18B’s.

  1. The trials for the SA Junior Team held this past weekend was a round robin format with surfers surfing 4 heats and their best three counting for their points tally.  There were quite a few ties (T) and the 4th heat (throw away) was considered for the placing in these instances:


Luke Slijpen (T 2nd) – 2nd

Eli Beukes (T 2nd) – 3rd

Manoa Robb – 8th


Caroline Brown – 2nd

Summer Sutton – 3rd

Leila Steytler – 5th


Brad Scott (T 1st) – 3rd

Luke van Wyk – 5th


Ceara Knight (T 1st) – 2nd

Sarah Scott – 5th

Katie Winter – 7th

Olivia Winter – 9th

SSA will only announce the selected team once the ISA (International Surfing Association) has confirmed a date and venue for the 2019 ISA World Junior Championships. Accordingly, national colours can only be presented to the selected team members after selection. 

Well done to all the surfers who competed and together we await the team announcement.

Junior trial 1 results

WP Surfing Junior Trial 1


U12 Boys

Ryan Matthew Schoon

Levi Kolnik

Luc Fischer

Fletcher Lowe


U12 Girls

Sage Asha Martinson


U14 Boys

Connor Slijpen

Asha Steytler

Simon Winter

Leo Letschert


U14 Girls

Sarah Scott

Olivia Winter

Scarlette van Jaarsveldt


U16 Boys

Luke Van Wyk

Brad Scott

Travis Pearce

Luca Novak


U16 Girls

Ceara Knight

Leila Steytler

Caroline Brown

Katie Winter


U18 Boys

Max Elkington

Luke Slijpen

Eli Beukes

Manoa Robb


U18 Girls

Summer Sutton

Maya Shefer-boswell

Emily Winter

Amber Sneddon

2019 Grom Team

Congratulations to those surfers that have been selected to represent WP Surfing / Cape Town Surfriders for the 2019 Grommet Games that will be held in Port Elizabeth 21 – 24 March.

The selection has been based on trial results (best 2) and taking into account the criteria of transformation within our sport as set out by SSA and Sport and Recreation South Africa.

The team selection is as follows:


Age Group Name
U8 B / G Lorenzo Jacobs
U10 B / G Ben Esterhuyse
U10 B / G Finn Murphy
U12 B Ryan Schoon
U12 B Ben Euston-Brown
U12 B Joshua Gordon
U12 G Sage Martinson
U12 G Sophie Leinberger
U14 B Simon Winter
U14 B Zaan Morris
U14 B Alfonso van Zyl
U14 G Luanne Hurst
U14 G Ashley August
U16B Leo Chames
U16B Regan Chitter
U16G Charne Harris
U16G Aqeelah Lakay


At this stage we would like to get confirmation from all the selected surfers as to their availability for the Grommet Games. Please could this be done ASAP by reply to wpsurfing@gmail.com

The team manager is Shuan Solomons: 0713644259 shuansolomons@projects-abroad.org

Assisting with logistics is Matthew Winter: 0785330126 mattinkom@gmail.com

Please include wpsurfing@gmail.com in correspondence to assist with questions/answers.

Once we have a confirmed team (replied by you as confirmed) we will have a team meeting for an information/questions session. This will most likely coincide with our first team practice session.

We appreciate that time between selection and the actual contest is (and always has been) short and we ask for your understanding as we prepare for this event. We will divulge all information as necessary but please feel free to contact us as necessary. At our team meeting we will go over the options for transport, accommodation, food, team kit and costings. This meeting needs to happen before end of next week and we will broadcast this ASAP.


Once again, congratulations and PLEASE reply ASAP with your confirmation of selection acceptance.

Master/Open Trial dates TBA